Vigorexia, When The Cult of The Body Becomes a Problem

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Vigorexia is a psychological disorder that affects those people who are obsessed with their physical state. When someone suffers from this disorder, they become socially isolated, abandoning their daily activities and investing all their time in worshiping the body. In these people, eating becomes an added obsession, frequently falling on unbalanced diets and on the consumption of hormones and anabolic steroids.

Vigorexia , also known as Adonis complex or muscular dysmorphia, is a psychological type disorder that causes the person who suffers from it to have the unreal perception of not having an athletic acheter des steroides en pharmacie body . It generally affects men between 18 and 35 years of age with excessive concern for their physique , a circumstance that leads them to carry out marathon training sessions together with unhealthy eating behaviors .

In Spain it is estimated that about 20,000 people are affected by vigorexia, approximately 10% of men who practice bodybuilding, weights and who go to the gym to enhance the muscles of their body.

Why does this disorder develop?

The reasons why someone is obsessed with his body are many and varied. The disorder can start with a simple “bikini operation” or a case of “bulling” during childhood and adolescence, but in all cases the result is that the affected people are not happy with their body and seek exercise practice. physical a solution to your problem.

Normally people with vigorexia are people with low self-esteem and who feel different from the rest. From there they develop an obsession with the body that leads them to weigh themselves several times a day, look compulsively in the mirrors and develop a distorted image of themselves that leads them to self-medicate and modify their diet.

In this way, they spend the maximum number of hours doing physical exercise , feeding mainly on proteins, carbohydrates and low-fat products , which causes metabolic disorders due to not having a balanced diet, to which the consumption of hormones and steroids with the aim of increasing muscle volume and achieving the goal of being more beautiful.

Complications of vigorexia

The lifestyle and habits of people with vigorexia generate a series of organic problems and injuries , which appear as a consequence of excessive training and an unbalanced diet , together with the added consumption of steroids.

This type of disorder can lead to cardiovascular, liver or kidney disease, erectile dysfunction, testicular atrophy, among other health disorders. In addition there are bone, muscle and joint injuries caused by high levels of demand during training.

Treatment of vigorexia

People suffering from vigorexia are not considered sick , so when they go to the doctor this pathology is very advanced or has become an obsessive compulsive disorder, anorexia or bulimia . It will therefore be necessary for the affected person to recognize that they have this problem and to be willing to undergo treatment to overcome it .